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Edition 1

Edition 1 of the RAFBEPA as yet un-named Newsletter appeared during the Winter of 2000 after a meeting in the previous September at the Cosford Aerospace Museum to re-form the Association after a break of several years. The Editor was Stu Usher and the initial journal he produced was a modest eight pages. By edition 2 in the Spring of 2001 the newsletter had a title: Flashback, suggested by Dave Newham and had grown to 18 pages. Early editions of the magazine were funded by John Barry and produced on his office photocopier. Stu Usher would produce 17 editions of Flashback, his last offering for Christmas 2004, 20 pages with colour photographs and images.


Edition 10

Edition 17

Chris Pettman produced his first edition, number 18 of Flashback in the Spring of 2005, now with considerably more colour content and printed at home on an ink-jet printer. Later a deal was done to get Flashback printed commercially by City IT Service but regretfully their business failed and edition 31 was their last. From edition 24 Chris negotiated a move to another printer, Telford Repro, with the benefit of a heavier weight paper and a mix of full colour and b&w pages.


Edition 18
Edition 27

Edition 32 would be the last time the text 'The Journal of the Royal Air Force Boy Entrant Photographers Association' graced the front cover as our Association and Chris Pettman changed gear and we all became Members of the RAF Photographers Association in edition 33 in the Christmas of 2008. The quality and content improved with age, plus it had grown to 36 pages and technical developments at our printers, plus 'square-edge' binding, the presentation looked much more professional.


Edition 51
Edition 56

During the latter part of 2014 Chris Pettman asked if there was a volunteer from the Membership who would like to take over as Editor; much to his surprise there was and after 10 years and an amazing 38 editions of Flashback edition 56 in the Autumn of 2014 was his last offering.


Edition 57
Edition 64

Edition 57 was the first of the 15 editions John Lewis would produce over 4 years. Straightaway he interfered with the established format by rebranding Flashback a 'magazine' and doing a deal with Telford Repro that would allow full colour on all pages. John's tenure was somewhat short-lived, running out of inspiration he announced his departure and again the search was on for a new Editor.


Edition 71
Edition 72

In the Autumn of 2018 Phil Ward has stepped up to the mark and his first edition 72 of Flashback will be ............different!


John Lewis


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